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The growing use and reputation of honey cannot be overemphasized across races, cultures, religion and in fact in the globe in entirety. People tend to gain more knowledge about the importance of the natural product derived from insects called bees. Manuka honey especially is a product original to New Zealand, and made from bees that are known to pollinate the native manuka bush in the country, hence its name. Since the discovery, the honey has been a subject of many uses but advocates have confirmed that it treats the wound and other infections and conditions just correctly. We, therefore, choose to discuss the healing power of the beautiful honey among other facts worthy of note about the product.

It is no farce holding that honey have been used in the treatment of many conditions since ancient times, but researchers only discovered that honey has natural antimicrobial qualities just in the late 19th century. Some honey has also been reported to systematically stimulate particular cell production which repairs tissue damages caused by infections. Not all honey is the same anyway; some resource has been found potent more than the others in handling similar situations.Highland Honey

Manuka honey especially has been discovered to possess antibiotic (hydrogen peroxide) and antimicrobial (methylglyoxal) components which separate them from a wide range of honey. Its methylglyoxal is said to have come from the conversion of dihydroxyacetone which is found in the nectar of manuka flowers. It is therefore believed that the more concentrated the methylglyoxal is in making honey, the stronger it antibiotic effects become, although a lot of other compounds as contained in the resource contribute to its medicinal effects. Considering the wide importance and significance of the manuka honey in the market, honey producers have created a rating scale for its potency. This is called the UMF, meaning ‘Unique Manuka Factor.’

According to investigations, the Unique Manuka Factor scale corresponds with the concentration of methylglyoxal and other essential compounds contained in the honey. It has also been discovered that not all honey labeled as manuka possess its significant levels of antibacterial factors. Instead of this fact, to be recognized and considered as potent enough for therapeutic use, manuka honey must pass a UMF rating of 10. Honey at this level or higher are the ones marketed as UMF Honey or Active Manuka Honey. The use of the scale for medical purposes is yet unclear.

Manuka honey has been confirmed useful for a lot of medical reasons. It is mostly used and efficient in dressing as well treating minor wounds and burns. Science, in fact, has released different studies confirming how effective the honey is when applied on top of bruises and when used to treat leg ulcers. It is said to promote healing by vigorously fighting infections. However, it is also prominently used in prevention and treatment of cancer, reduction of cholesterol, reduction of systemic inflammation, treatment of diabetes, treatment of eye, ear and sinus infections as well as gastrointestinal problems. There have not been enough facts, however, to show if manuka works efficiently in these conditions.

The honey is not all on its right side. There are possible side effects of use and applications. These include allergic reaction especially in people who are allergic to bees, the risk of increased blood sugar when taken orally and perhaps possible interaction with certain blood thinners and seizure of drugs when taken orally. As good as the honey seem to be, it has only been with small numbers of patients, and this, therefore, suggests that more studies and perhaps publicity is needed to allow people decide on choice, the safety of use and its effectiveness in various medical conditions.


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