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What is Dawn Phenomenon?Diabetic glucomen blood meter

For a person he or she will typically experience extreme high at night it can happen at any time from 10 pm to around 8 am what happens when you went to sleep and your sugar level was five that seems okay right? Well if you experience this you can wake up between 10-30 which is why you must get it under control since a person with diabetes should aim to be between 5-7 as much as possible under British blood checking system.

I am going to cover some of the things I did to try and fix it.

Giving an extra insulin injection at night I found it gives me a range of results sometimes I woke up higher after the dose than generally after times I woke up a wee bit higher than expected and other times I woke up low or in hypo stage so make sure you, if you live alone you, don’t do this kind of thing ever.

Eating very healthy or drinking very low sugar-themed drinks I found this did help a wee bit for it the reason I say a little bit because it did not correctly fix it.

Please note before I developed this problem I was quite overweight my waist size was 44 but I am now 34, so I have lost quite a lot of weight so I am going to cover this and how this will lead to your problem fixing itself or getting more easy to manage.

I believe what this actually means for making us get high is a way telling our body to basically start doing exercise or working out.

The best way I found to lose weight is doing work on house inside and outside please note to lose weight I was doing a lot of different jobs such as

lifting heavily Belfast sinks which weigh around the same weight as a person

Digging in a big way which is in the garden which you can fit 2 to 3 okay sized houses in the garden areas.

Picking up rubbish in quite an extreme way can include anything from plastic, glass, car parts, pipes, dead wood, metal and range of other waste.

Work time would be from around 9 am to 5 pm most days please include I did have breakfast and lunch during that period, and I did always carry food or drinks on me to stop me getting too low sugar levels.

Cutting down trees using manual saws and when it came to taking down more significant trees was down with manual saws but rope attached with a more strategic approach to doing it.

Fixing old lights by putting in newer ones.

replacing older plugs

Putting in a new shower

Turning the water back on

Fix leaking pipes

Remove dangerous Gas pipes


plant trees

Plant flowers

One of the parts of the garden was made from clay so more substantial than standard mud, so that did burn up a lot of my weight.

Garden came with a lot of old ready to break sheds which one of it did contain five freezers in them so were quite hard to get out of the garden plus range of other rubbish with it such as glass, old broken tools and clothing.

A lot of old bricks and stone blocks in today standards 2 or more people would be expected to lift them for the weight of them.

Every part of the house was changed wrong by the last person who had it such using clothing to stop leaks, putting light switches upside down.

Now, what can you actually use from this to help you lose weight or get into better shape?

First of all, you need to do regular exercise most days of the week such as walking, digging, planting trees, lifting things, painting, cleaning and fixing things,

You will not need to change your diet in a big way but please note doing something like following a strict food will not be required here and overall when people develop some kind of diet like for example say you are only allowed to eat bananas for a month you will lose weight say 2 stone but after the diet over your weight will very likely come back since if you try quick fixes in most cases it only works short term and in general if you want to become fitter or get in better shape you should make a lifestyle change not a quick fix idea.

One of the best machines I would recommend you get is a soup maker this is for me a beautiful machine since it can make you soup by you doing more less no work all you do is add in your vegetables and pure in water press the chunky button takes around 45 minute to heat up the soup then press the blend button depending how thin you want it to push the button more I find 3 works best for me overall.

If you eat Fast food from say one that makes giant beef burgers or other fast Food chains you must stop eating as much as possible from say you currently get every two days of the week be strict only get one once a month at most.

Most people eat high fatty foods because they are busy or a bit lazy it is straightforward if you are willing to put time and effort into to get quality food which is tasty and do your body good such as fruit or vegetables or fish.

Most big shops will sell some food which is right for you in own brand form, or sometimes you will get special offers on the premium brand food you can easily find them in most big shops in the United Kingdom or smaller stores as well as long if you are willing to spend a bit of time looking for them in stores or when you are doing online shopping it’s straightforward to find foods with vitamin minerals or other good quality properties inside the food or drinks.

How much weight do you actually need to lose?

This depends on what age you are and also your height, and sometimes people have heavy bones making their overall body weight be 1 or 2 stones more than they should be.

For example, I am still a wee bit overweight, so my waist size should be between 31-29

What side effects do you get from this condition?

Trouble sleeping

Feeling without energy

High sugar levels

Being late for work or other things.

Dawn effect occurs when hormones (including cortisol, glucagon, epinephrine) are released by the body, causing the liver to release glucose.

Hope this helps you to get rid of your Dawn problem, please note before I made this article I could find no information to help me stop this or advice on this for why I went and made this piece.


Blair Urquhart

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